Novarnica Story

The idea for Novarnica came to be when some Xcentrik members (Xcentrik is the parent company of Novarnica) sought an effective, natural and easy to use pain reliever. After testing different products, they were dissatisfied with what they had found. Their observation was that the majority of pain relievers on the market offer old formulas and copy each other. Large organizations mainly seek to maintain their gains, while new players like Xcentrik, innovate and move forward. Novarnica is the result of this way of thinking, it drives our team to continually push the boundaries further to offer innovative and high quality products.


During the development process we wanted to create a product which would be easy to use, efficient with no mess. We opted for a spray formula that is non-greasy, fast acting and that offers relief and comfort in everyday life with no rubbing necessary.


In addition to the emphasis on the quality of the ingredients and the efficacy of the formulation, Xcentrik always offers attractive packages, conveniently sized containers that are easy to use.


In 2013, the Novarnica division emerged with the launch of its first pain reliever in spray formula made from natural ingredients. We are very proud of our flagship product. It is the result of hard work and dedication, focused on offering our customers an innovative, high quality product with outstanding efficiency. Upon its arrival on the market, Novarnica distinguished itself by its high concentration of arnica montana (Arnica), clearly superior to existing products. Arnica montana as an ingredient has been used to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain and may help in the treatment of some injuries. All Novarnica products have a high concentration of arnica montana and offer complementary medicinal properties when combined with other natural ingredients such as menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and cloves and aloe in the case of some products.


In late spring of 2016, the Novarnica family grew with the launch of four new products:

  • Novarnica Sport is a natural pain reliever designed and tested by athletes for athletes. Novarnica Sport helps to relieve sports injuries, sore muscles, strains, sprains, bruises and provides relief after training. The 30 ml bottle is practical and can be easily slipped into sports bags, waist belts, hydration packs, cycling or running jerseys, handbags, etc. In short, almost anywhere! It’s also a spray so no mess! The product penetrates and acts quickly, without friction.
  • Novarnica pain relieving cream. All the power of the original Novarnica formula in a silky, non-greasy cream. Ideal for massage application. Upon contact with the skin, it gives a cooling sensation and is quickly absorbed. Within minutes, a gentle feeling of warmth appears for a deep relief of backache, arthritis, strains, sprains, cramps and bruising.


Novarnica foot care line. Hidden and out of sight, the feet are often neglected. Every day an active person can perform nearly 8,000 steps. By the end of the day, the feet are often tired and in pain.

  • Novarnica foot pain reliever in a spray formula. This product relieves effectively many common ailments such as tired feet, sprains, strains and arthritis pain.
  • Novarnica moisturizing foot relief cream. This cream is wonderful for relieving pain and dryness, as well as itching, cracking, flaking and hardened skin.


All Novarnica products are incredibly efficient. This is why so many Canadian and US consumers have been seduced. Novarnica products are designed to relieve a variety of pain present in the everyday life caused by arthritis and rheumatism, lumbago, joint problems, sore muscles, aches, sprains and sports injuries.


In addition, Novarnica products are safe for diabetics. They do not contain industrial chemicals currently believed to be involved in the onset of many serious illnesses such as cancer and endocrine diseases.