Why choose Novarnica?
It really works!

  • Made with natural ingredients, like Camphor and Menthol
  • Does not contain perfumes or artificial colors
  • Pain reliever that soothes pain in seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Fast effective relief as soon as applied
  • Non-greasy
  • Pleasant odor

After years of developing the special formula with natural ingredients, we launched the first Novarnica product on the Canadian market in the spring of 2013 with great success.  The Pain Relieving Spray was then introduced in the United States in February 2014, and the brand has been expanding ever since.  Our new Novarnica Foot Care products are now also available.  You can find Novarnica products at many different retailers in various markets, with more to come in the near future.


Do you suffer from muscle and arthritis pain? Do they prevent you from enjoying your leisure time or go about your daily business? Novarnica Pain Relieving Spray comes to your rescue.


Novarnica Pain Relieving Spray is effective in treating all sorts of ailments; in addition to arthritis and aches, it offers relief for rheumatic pain, back pain, lumbago and pain in tendons and ligaments. Apply it on the affected area in case of strains, sprains and other sports injuries. It can also reduce or eliminate the appearance of bruises resulting from a fall or a blow. The combination of ingredients including Camphor and Menthol as well as other natural extracts make for a powerful formula that really works!


The spray solution is easy to use and fast acting. Just spray and allow to penetrate without the need for rubbing.


And now introducing our new Foot Care Products, for your home care pedicure!

You can pamper your tired, achy feet two ways :

▪With our Foot Pain Reliever, which relieves pain to the heels, ankles and arches with just a few sprays

▪Revitalize and moisturize dry, cracked skin from your ankles to your toes with our Moisturizing Foot Relief Cream in a soothing non-greasy formula


Novarnica Pain Relieving Spray and Novarnica Foot Pain Reliever are available in the convenient and economical size 2.19 fl oz bottle. Novarnica Moisturizing Foot Relief Cream comes in a 4 oz bottle.


You deserve to enjoy pain free days and Novarnica products can contribute to relief from minor injuries to major ailments, to get the comfort you need…


A trial will convince you!